IDEA • The assumption of the project was to create a modern and simple, yet unique and elegant interior. The main idea was to introduce a dominant to the interior of a simple shape - a geometric, copper band organizing the space, separating the functional zones of the bathroom, and directing the eye to the most representative part of the room - the bath zone. The shiny, geometric band becomes the main character of the arrangement. It starts at the entrance - it is a three-dimensional wall covering that conceals the door. Then it runs up to the ceiling, becoming a plane that guides the eyesight, then descends, providing the background for a minimalist bathtub and creating space for the shower area behind it. The continuation of the band was also suggested in the floor - using a different material than on the floor of the rest of the bathroom and repeating the pattern of a copper band - thanks to which the band creates a closed, finished form. 
FORM • The design focuses on modern, geometric forms. The simplicity of the interior has been achieved thanks to the use of cuboidal bathroom fittings and the use of materials with different textures in one color - black forming a background. The restraint of forms and the monochromaticity of the interior are broken by the introduction of a dominant copper element located on the axis of the entrance. The triangulation and three-dimensionality of the element makes it stand out in form, being an accent that determines the uniqueness of the interior. 
MATERIAL • The stained concrete and copper used in the project give the interior a somewhat raw, industrial character. At the same time, the warm shade of copper balances the colder tones and warms the interior. The metallic gloss of the material, which is synonymous with modern aesthetics and taste, as well as contemporary elegance, has been intensified by placing a linear lighting element in some divisions.