The project of a building with a public toilet in Słupsk, located in the vicinity of the Słupia River, is not only an idea for a purely functional facility,
but also a public place whose task is to make the indicated location more attractive. The aim of the project was to develop the favorite forms of spending time by residents on the riverside boulevards; to provide functions that will have an effect of improving the quality of using this space by Słupsk residents and tourists visiting the city. The vicinity of the popular walking route has been therefore enriched with a year-round cafe with a terrace on the roof of the building. The priority was also to highlight the existing fragment of the historic city wall; to create contemporary architecture that will pose an added value to this place while not dominating over what is the most important in this location - relics of the city's centuries-long history. The path made of corten, indicating the former, original course of the city wall, at some point takes the form of a staircase, which continues its route and leads the user to the terrace, from which he can view the boulevards and a preserved fragment of the city wall from a different, historical and new perspective.